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Friday, June 12th

Answer: A candle
Answer: Bookkeeper

Thursday, June 11th

Answer: 8
Answer: 87, the numbers are upside down

Wednesday, June 10th

Answer: 18 letters in "the English alphabet"
Answer: An onion

Tuesday, June 9th

Answer: 70 pounds
Answer: 1 and 9

Monday, June 8th

Answer: Day break and Night Fall
Answer: 2, inside and outside

Friday, June 5th

My Post-77.jpg
Answer: The letter C
My Post-76.jpg
Answer: 9

Thursday, June 4th

Answer: He kicked the boy straight up
Answer: He was bold

Wednesday, June 3rd

Answer: Stairs
Answer: 4 apples

Tuesday, June 2nd

Answer: Hot is faster, because you can catch a cold
Answer: SWIMS

Monday, June 1st

Answer: A bottle
Answer: Elephant's Shadow
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