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Friday, May 15th

Answer: 256
Answer: A window

Thursday, May 14th

Answer: Everyone on the boat was married
Answer: W

Wednesday, May 13th

Answer: Envelope
Answer: Lunch and Dinner

Tuesday, May 12th

Answer: A plate or a spoon or a fork
Answer: Age

Monday, May 11th

Answer: Their baby
Answer: Washington D.C.

Friday, May 8th

Answer: He was born on a Leap Year
Answer: Add a g to make gone

Thursday, May 7th

Answer: She was walking
Answer: Different time zones

Wednesday, May 6th

Answer: A Mushroom
Answer: Stop Imagining

Tuesday, May 5th

Answer: An Onion
Answer: A priest

Monday, May 4th

Answer: He was playing monopoly
Answer: Ton

Friday, May 1st

Answer: Palm Tree
Answer: A Candle

Thursday, April 30th

Answer: The horse's name is Friday
Answer: Day and Night
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