Thursday, April 30th

Answer: The horse's name is Friday
Answer: Day and Night

Wednesday, April 29th

Answer: February
Answer: A fence

Tuesday, April 28th

Answer: 12
Answer: Scoreboard: all games start at 0,0

Monday, April 27th

Answer: 862
Answer: A Sponge

Friday, April 24th

Answer: Piano
Answer: A Stamp

Thursday, April 23rd

Wednesday, April 22nd

Answer: Friday
Answer: 5 minutes

Tuesday, April 21st

Answer: 54325
Answer: 8 = 88

Monday, April 20th

Answer: A Cold
Answer: Fire

Friday, April 17th

Answer: Garbage Truck
Answer: 63

Thursday, April 16th

Answer: 3
Answer: 35

Wednesday, April 15th

Answer: Incorrectly
Answer: 1111 or 121

Tuesday, April 14th

Answer: 4
Answer: 114

Monday, April 13th

Answer: 70
Answer: 11