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DGI is proud of the relationships we have with the community. We think it's important to be pioneers for the things that benefit our communities even outside of STEM education. Ultimately, they all effect the other. Here are some of the initiatives we are undertaking. 

2020 Census

Participatory Budgeting

This year Digital Girl, Inc. is assisting the Participatory Budgeting (PB) efforts of NYC Council's District 36. Voting is from March 28th to April 5th. Here's more information about PB and how you can get involved!

*Update PB has been postponed until further notice.



What is Participatory Budgeting?

Participatory Budgeting (PB) is a democratic process in which community members directly decide how to spend part of a public budget. The process began in Porto Alegre, Brazil in 1989. Today, there are more than 3,000 participatory budgeting processes around the world, most at the municipal level.

What is PBNYC?

In 2011, four New York City Council Members – Brad Lander, Melissa Mark-Viverito, Eric Ulrich, and Jumaane D. Williams – launched a PB process to allow residents to allocate part of their capital discretionary funds. The process has grown to include a majority of Council Members in the New York City Council, giving community member’s real decision-making over more than $35 million in taxpayer money.
This year in New York City, 33 Council Members are asking residents how to spend at least $35 million in capital funding. PBNYC enables New York City residents to propose and vote on projects in their City Council districts. Projects that receive the most votes during a nine-day Vote Week are adopted in the City’s fiscal year budget and implemented by city agencies.
PBNYC funds physical infrastructure projects that benefit the public, cost at least $50,000 and have a lifespan of at least 5 years. Local improvements to schools, parks, libraries, public housing, streets and other public spaces can be funded through PBNYC!

Digital Girl, Inc. is an official partner with the city for their 2020 Census Initiative. Historically Brooklyn and NYC has been undercounted. It is our goal to #MakeBrooklynCount!



What are we doing?

DGI is providing Census training and incorporating Census education within our services. Our goal is to make sure our students, parents and seniors understand what the census is, how it impacts us and why it is so important that we get counted. 

Why is the Census 

so important?

  • The goal is to count every American

  • Only occurs every 10 Years

  • Decides how $650 Billion in Federal Funds for Schools, Section 8, NYCHA, SNAP and other public assistance benefits, roads, public transportation, hospitals is spent in our communities

  • The amount of Congress representation for NYS in Washington 

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What is NOT true?

The Census DOES NOT:

  • Ask about your immigration or citizenship status, your job, your Social Security or ITIN number

  • Your responses are private, protected by federal law, and will never be shared with another department, including law enforcement or your landlord.

What IS true?

  • The Census is available online, via phone and paper/mail

  • They're 10 questions that will take about 10 minutes!

  • In the past Brooklyn has only counter 62% of the population            *(less than the national average)

Participate as a Budget Delegate or Volunteer

Budget Delegates make the real work of PBNYC possible. Budget Delegates meet regularly in the fall and early winter to determine their community’s needs, project feasibility and work with city agencies and staff to develop proposals for their districts ballot.

Delegates must be at least 11 years old (or at least in 6th grade) and have a meaningful connection to the district. For example, live in the district, work in the district, own a business in the district, attend school in the district, or be a parent of a child attending school in the district.

There is a wide range of volunteer opportunities available through PBNYC:

Volunteer as a Poll Worker

Poll Workers are community members like you, who help coordinate and operate vote sites during Vote Week. After receiving training on voting rules and procedures, you may assist for a few hours or a few days.

Join your District Committee

Each participating Council Member convenes a District Committee that meets regularly to provide oversight and assists with planning throughout the PBNYC process. The District Committee should be representative of the entire district, both geographically and demographically. Are you interested in helping to ensure that PBNYC reaches everyone in your district? Would you like to provide input on outreach strategy and strengthen community participation?

Delegates, Volunteers, and Poll Workers make the real work of participatory budgeting possible. Sign up now to volunteer with Digital Girl, Inc. Please contact 

with any additional questions.


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Get Involved! Be a part of Census Day!

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